Sunday, January 10, 2010

Artists Market Featured in The Graphic

This week, The Graphic, Petoskey's local free entertainment and events weekly, takes a break from its series of outstanding features on local artists to review the Northern Michigan Artists Market.

I am a big fan of Maggie Peterson and her Art Scene feature in the Graphic. I have commented here on her previous columns profiling Artists Market artists such as extraordinary Harbor Springs wood turner Tom Jacobson. This week, I was delighted to read her insights into my own favorite creative work, our art gallery.

The article features a great picture of my two partners, Vivi Woodcock and Susan Lange, and me inside the Market. It does a great job of capturing the spirit and mission of our little store. In addition to visiting the gallery and talking with the three of us, Maggie spoke with a couple of the very special local artists who exhibit here, nature photographer Kris Busk and potter Christine Rowe.

Sometime this week, take the time to pick up a copy of The Graphic or check out the article on their website. If you have any comments, be sure to post them here.