Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artists Market Artists Jay Bavers and Glenna Haney Featured in The Graphic

The February 26, 2009 issue of issue of The Graphic features an interview with Artist Market glass blowers extraordinaire, Jay Bavers and Glenna Haney.

The article, written by Aebra Coe, appears in the paper's artsy column that regularly features local Northern Michigan artists. If all the copies have been scooped up already, you can also find it in The Graphic's online edition

The article is a great read. It covers the duo's family history, glass blowing technique and the fun they have producing their famous glass creations together at their studio, Jordan Valley Glassworks in East Jordan. It also includes a great photo of Jay at work.

The Artists Market has an excellent selection of Jay and Glenna's work, including bowls, sculptures, lamps (like the fish lamps pictured here), Christmas ornaments and their popular garden arms, unique sculptures on stakes for bringing enchantment to any garden or living room. We are incredibly fortunate in the Petoskey area to have not only Jay and Glenna but also two other talented practitioners of the ancient art of glass blowing, Harry Boyer of Harbor Springs and Lynn Dinning of Good Hart, both of whom are also well represented at the Market.

Be sure to stop by the Market and take a look at some of marvelous creations of these talented Northern Michigan glass blowers.

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