Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Welcome to This Blog -- Northern Michigan Art

In this blog, we will be discussing Northern Michigan. While anything that happens up here is fair game, we will pay particular attention to the art and artists of Northern Michigan. We will focus to a degree on the art, artists and activities of the Northern Michigan Artists Market, an art gallery that two of my friends and I own in Petoskey, Michigan. [My next post is a brief introduction to The Market.]

This blog welcomes comments from all of you. Please feel free to join in the discussion at any time and to introduce new topics. I will gently moderate the submissions and include as many as possible.

Candidly, this blog has a partially commercial purpose. I hope it will lead you to take some interest in our gallery and to visit it in person in Petoskey, Michigan, or through our website. The launch of this blog is timed to precede [hopefully by not too much time] a major revision of The Market's website. This substantial upgrade will add online shopping, a general improvement of the graphic design and overall appearance and many of those invisible technical enhancements we hear so much about in connection with the release of any software upgrade.

Those of you who know me or who have been to our Market any time in the last eight months or so know that I have been promising this upgrade for quite a while. I have learned from this experience that there are many uncertainties and delays inherent in the website improvement process and that consequently it is better and more honest to be somewhat vague about expected completion dates so I have stopped making promises.

In the meantime, our current site is pretty darn good. Of course, it gives you lots of information about the Northern Michigan artists Market [like location, hours, contact info, etc]. It also contains a complete list of our current artists and our inventory of the thousands of pieces of their works that we have for sale. Increasingly it includes descriptions and photographs of those works. It also includes our toll free telephone number so you can call us to discuss any of these works or make arrangements for purchase and shipping.

So lets get to know each other and swap tales, news, rumors and the like about life and art in God's country!

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