Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Graphic Goes Artsy

There is a great new arts video-column in town. It is called Artsy. It debuted this week and will appear every month in the online edition of the Graphic. The print edition, available for free on the streets all over Northern Michigan, has a text and pictures version.

The Northern Michigan artist behind this new contribution to the local arts community is Nancy Payne, a photographer (and now videographer) and formerly one of the founding partners of the Northern Michigan Artists Market. Nancy's monthly video offering will be a profile interview with a local Northern Michigan artist – one of our favorite subjects.

Nancy says her interviews will not just focus on the artists' creative works. She says she plans to show us who the artists are as people and give us a good look at the life of the talented folks who create our region's artistic treasures.

If the inaugural edition is any indication, we are in for a real treat each month. Nancy's first interview features Northern Michigan Artist Market artist Joanne Cromley.
What an excellent choice to start the series! I am a big fan of Joanne as a person and an artist. At the Market, we feature her spectacular hand-died woven tapestries, like the one pictured here, as well as an assortment of her scarves and sweaters.

I will resist the temptation to ask you to spend your time here reading what I have to say about Joanne when you could be watching the great job Nancy has done of that already. So stop reading this and go to the Graphic home page to see the video for yourself.

Way to go Nancy! Now there is another good reason to pick up the Graphic and visit their website. (Highly credible sources close to Artsy have suggested that June's artist video, already in the works, features Artist Market guiding light Vivi Woodcock.)

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