Monday, June 11, 2007

Vivi Woodcock Featured in The Graphic

The new issue of The Graphic has hit the streets in Northern Michigan and as we predicted last month, it features a story on Artist Market founder, collage and watercolor wizard and ardent booster of local art and artists, Vivi Woodcock.

The article, the second in a series by Northern Michigan Artists Market founding partner Nancy Payne, also appears in The Graphic's online edition along with Nancy's video version of the interview.

The article explores Woodcock's humble, spiritual personality and her approach to creating and appreciating art. It also looks at her motivation for helping to create the Artists Market.

Local artists are already well acquainted with Vivi, shown here in a photograph by Nancy Payne, and deeply respect and admire her for her honesty and the advice and support she has given them over many years. Visitors to the Artists Market appreciate her friendly greeting, pleasant conversation and ability to answer their questions about local art and artists as well as provide tips on local restaurants and points of interest. Now, thanks to Nancy, everyone who reads The Graphic will get a chance to meet her too.

Take a moment to stop by the Market, say hello to Vivi and take a look at some of her inspirational collage pins, cards and watercolors.

Thank you Nancy for another great peek inside the life of a local artist. We look forward to next month's profile. (We think we know who it will be but this time we're not tellin'.)

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